Chelsea’s Maternity | Alvin,Texas Maternity Photography


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Everyone has a photography style they try to achieve when taking portraits. My style is to be different from everyone else and let my work shine through with my own ideas.

Chelsea was 36 weeks and glowing during these pictures. The evening sun was absolutely perfect with the flower field as our backdrop and the red dress. I pretty much had this session all figured out before we even started.

Needless to say, this session went great and we both are quite pleased with the pictures. I love the flower shadows on her dress and her tummy. It  seemed to wrap it all up and make it even more special.

I am looking  forward to taking  “Audree Lynee Gruener” pictures in the next few weeks.

Sonya Lira Manvel, Texas MaternitySonya Lira Manvel, Texas MaternitSonya Lira Manvel, Texas MaternitSonya Lira Manvel, Texas Maternit

Thirteen years old | Capture You Photography


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Our oldest granddaughter Madi recently turned 13 years old. She is such a beautiful young lady.

With her recent growth spurt she now stands about 5 foot 9 inches tall. Dancing and performing in theater arts are two things she truly enjoys.

She has several younger sisters she tries to set a good example for and they seem to look up to her.

Here are a few of her pictures from her recent photo session. I think she is getting use to my camera.

teenager Capture You Photographyteenager Capture You Photographyteenager Capture You Photography

Two Princesses | Capture You Photography


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When you are 4 months old and need a glamour shot bring on the chiffon and the tiara.

The girls recently had their check ups. Sophia was 12 # 15 oz. and Karina was 13 # 1 oz and they were both 24.5 inches long. It is amazing to me how these two stay neck in neck on the height and weight. They each have one fat roll on their thighs.

The Dr. said they are way ahead on everything. They love to talk, spit, sputter, make noises and laugh out loud. They are always smiling they think everyone is funny. They love laying on the quilt on the floor playing with toys, watching TV and grabbing each others feet. They love rolling over when they get bored.

They are big drooling machines right now the Dr. said they are teething.

It is funny to see their reaction when you face them sitting up at each other. You have to wonder what they are thinking.

Their big brother has always been there best entertainment he loves his sisters and it shows. When he enters the room they laugh out loud. I bet there thinking here comes that crazy boy Andrew.

They started baby food and love the fruits and the veggies. So far the only thing they do they not like is peaches.

Babies have always amazed me they are so precious and bring such joy to the lives of those around them.

4 months old Capture You Photography

4 months  Capture You Photography



Life interrupted | Capture You Photography


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We go through life one day at a time without realizing that one day it will all change. Our life will get interrupted.

One day we might wake up and our world just seems to crumble around us. Everything that was normal before now has all these obstacles that we all must overcome.

Our sense of security and comfort has just been interrupted and it is hard for us to understand why this is happening.

We have to have a little faith and hope that is what will get us through this journey were facing.

“Where there is HOPE, there is FAITH. Where there is FAITH, miracles happen. (Author unknown)

Rainbow and clouds | Capture You Photography


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Mayo Angelo had some beautiful quotes. I decided to add her quote to my image.

Rainbows symbolize hope and promise.

I think that is something we all need in our lives.


inspirational Sonya Lira

Kitten Portrait | Manvel,Texas Photographer


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A few months ago a random kitten appeared I fed her for a few months. I started noticing she looked like she might have kittens.

She was never very friend acted wild hissed at me while I was feeding her. A few months later she had kittens what appeared to be two separate litters.
I started feeding them all when they were old enough for food knowing she could not keep up with 5 kittens when she was just a kitten herself.
It had rained a lot for a few days straight and one of the five kittens got sick. I brought it in the house to see what I could do. A few hours later it died.

One morning eight weeks later all the kittens and the mom were gone “Poof” just like that. For three days I did not see any of them. One of the kittens was friendly and would let me pet him/her.
This was the smallest kitten. It was about three days later and while I was out feeding the birds there was that tiny little kitten all alone he had made it back all by himself. I wondered where the other 3 were at and where did mama cat take them.

I figure mom wanted them on their own because they were getting big by this point. The next day there were the 3 other kittens.
They all made it back but without the mom. Its been a few weeks now and I still have not seen the mom.

I have been feeding them ever since so there are 4 outside kittens that need homes. I can not let an animal starve to death that crosses my path. I have always been like this and two times I have been left to find homes for kittens.

I can pet two of them the other two will take some time to get use to me.

This is one of the ones I can not pet. This is such a beautiful kitten I love its colors and its fuzzy hair and those eyes.

I love how he posed for me as I was looking through the french doors at him.

Kitten Capture You Photography

Twin Talk | Rosharon,Texas infant photographer


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Sophia and Karina are  3 1/2 months old. This was the first time I have taken swim suit pictures of them.

When we laid the towel out for them to lay on and added the sun glasses we started laughing. The whole thing was just so cute.

Sophia is always kicking her legs as fast as she can as if she is riding a bicycle. I could not get her to stretch out her legs.

After seeing the pictures from this session I knew I had to add some captions.

Twin Talk Capture You Photography

Dog Portraiture | Capture You Photography


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I have been shooting a lot more pictures of Daisy lately because she has been very cooperative.

Getting a good head shot of  boxer can be tough because they are not still for very long.

When trying to do take your pets pictures try the early morning or late evening hours. Most dogs will over heat during the middle of the day. Have his or her favorite toy or ball nearby. Let them run and play a few minutes and once they start to tire that is the best time to get those pictures. Wait until they quit panting heavily and have their tongue hanging out.

Dogs become part of our families and having special pictures of them is something you will always treasure.


Manvel, Texas Pet Photographer




Busy Boxer| Manvel dog photographer


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Daisy is a 14 – months old boxer and she is still very active.I will admit she has settled down just a little bit in the last 2 months.

While outside the other day she found this plastic ring Jack had around a plant. This became her newest toy her prize possession.

As you can see this was quite entertaining to her and a moment I could not resist capturing on camera with my left hand.

Daisy loves to run as fast as she can and then she gets in her pool to cool off. Sometimes she will run around two acres with a plastic flower-pot on her head she got out of the greenhouse as a last minute snag and run attempt.

Make sure you dog gets outside play time it is the best way for them to get rid some of their built up energy and it will benefit you both.

Boxer Capture You Photography


Boxer Capture You Photograph


Boxer Capture You Photograph

Twin Girls | Pearland Infant Photographer


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Have you ever noticed how fast infants change?

Make sure you take pictures each week and let a photographer take your milestone pictures that first year of life.

I offer two milestone packages newborn, three month, six month, nine month and twelve months. Then there is newborn, six month and twelve month.

With the girls I have been taking weekly portraits. This is possible because Mi Mi is a photographer who loves planning out their next photo session. I have gotten behind on editing and posting the pictures due to my shoulder surgery and recovery.

These pictures are their nine week old pictures and they just turned twelve weeks. Karina is in the aqua petti romper and Sophia’s in the coral.

The girls have changed so much over the last twelve weeks. I love to see those changes in my portraits of them. We have decided we will be printing the  10″ x 10″ or 12″ x 12″ photo books of the first three-month portraits.

Capturing a moment in time with a picture of the past.

Pearland infant photographer

Pearland infant photographer

Pearland infant photographer


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